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of power that did not exist under mubarak. they're competing. this is an early stage of the game. as rob cited the last presidential election results, there is this desire for -- the task here in washington, it will be difficult to convince the u.s. government to change the way it has done business over the last 30 years -- some of that is necessary. the task is, how do you play the right role of engaging here? it is not naively giving money to liberal groups and not having a strategy. i believe this is a significant task inside egypt. it is an encouraging sign -- this is my prediction, it is going to force islamist political parties, at least elements of it to change their ideology. if the system remains open, if there is a big debate, i did not see it going backwards in terms of the diversity in egypt. it is hard for me to imagine that going backwards. >> we're going to move toward closing remarks. we will go in reverse order. bret you can have your two minutes. >> 1979, an influential article was written, dictatorships and double standards. he argued -- in a position of find myself in
campaign is talking to rob portman on speaker phone, and they are talking about the possibility of having paul ryan going to the podium and sending anybody home until the next morning, saying, "we will let more to say in the morning." and he said do not do that. we will have results, and at that point, the romney campaign decided it probably was in the best interests to wait on the results and not send paul ryan down there. host: winning only north carolina. guest: is absolutely amazing. the obama people woke up on election day realizing they would lose florida narrowly, and they were shocked by their own success in carolina. one thing i did not put in the book, as the campaigns to reach the home stretch, the numbers in florida for the obama folks looked better, and bill clinton of all people demanded from chicago, hey, get me into florida more, and bill clinton did a lot of appearances in florida, and a lot of people think that may have helped turn the tide. host: we have one more caller from illinois. good morning to you. caller: good morning, steve, gentlemen. merry christmas. one thin
look forward to working with you. i now recognize my distinguished colleague, rob andrews, a senior democratic member of the subcommittee, for his remarks. >> good morning again, mr. gotbaum. thank you for being with us. and for your service to our country. you are running a very important agency and i know you are very dedicated to that task. it is good you are here this morning to answer the committee's questions. 10 million americans benefit from a system that has served this country for many decades very well. it is a system where pensions and other benefits are provided, where small business people, contractors, trucking companies, markets, supermarkets, and others, get together and pool their resources and share costs in order to provide pensions and other employee benefits. this is what is known as the multi employer system. the multi employer system, in all cases, involves a collective bargaining agreement that sets the terms and conditions for benefits that will be given. the system has worked extraordinarily well, and it is the system that 10 million americans rely upon fo
have been robbing our people spending so much on defense you are scaring everybody else. that has given them an excuse for an arms race and i will tell you comrades, if we let them get by with forcing us into an arms race we are going to lose it. exactly what president reagan was trying to do tactically. i would say that people at the time -- i know some of marvin's colleagues would say reagan really didn't pay that much attention to details, his eyes would glaze over if you got in numbers of missiles and warheads and stuff. and, true, he didn't look at those things. he concentrated on the basic things. how do i understand this other fellow and convince him to do something that is actually in his own interests because his current pil policies are not. we spent much more time, and i think effective time, talking to reagan about where gorbachev was coming from and what his pressures were and one fof the things that we needed to do was to convince them we were not out to do them in. among other things, reagan said in that same memo that human rights was too important to carry it out entire
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4